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Get LIT! An introductory Workshop for Combating Burnout.

For any organization or company interested in increasing engagement and rejuvenation on the job.

After completing the workshop you will walk away with:

  • A better understanding of what burnout is and why the majority of Americans suffer from it.

  • A way to reframe burnout that empowers you to change it.

  • Concrete steps, strategies, and ideas for eliminating burnout at your job.

Burnout Consulting

All services are designed to combat burnout and create inspirational workplaces. They vary widely in scope; contact me for a free consult and personalized proposal of pricing.

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Foundations for Success.

Save money, time, energy, and resources, and increase your funding opportunities by aligning your systems. In it’s simplest form, a systems alignment asks the questions:

  • What are your goals?

  • How will you measure your goals?

  • What processes/procedures/systems are needed to achieve your goals?

These services are critical for any business or organization that wants to save time and money, increase their funding options, streamline outcomes and strengthen the integrity of their goals and processes.


Any organization consistently achieving unintended or inconsistent outcomes. Also recommended for any organization interested in scaling.


  • Full analysis of business mission, data reporting, and processes/procedures.

  • Strategies for pruning aspects of the system that detract from mission.

  • Step-by-step implementation guide for new or strengthened processes and procedures.

  • Defined and streamlined metrics for growth.

  • Techniques for tracking growth and success.

  • Optional additional coaching packages for implementation.


  • Preservation of resources, including money, time, and leadership/employee bandwidth, for what truly matters

  • A guaranteed and viable operational plan tailored to meet your unique needs.

  • A streamlined system for achieving defined outcomes.

  • Clarity and efficiency.

  • Defined outcomes and metrics for success, which result in greater stakeholder empowerment.

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Live your Life. Love your Work.

Americans spend an average of 9.5 hours a day on the job. Let’s make them good ones!

Our Climate and Culture services provide practical tools and resources that promote joy, openness, trust, and productivity at work. We specialize in shifting workplace culture from outcomes-centered to human-centered. Research shows that happy, empowered employees are more productive, more focused, and more likely to stick around.

Come to work with purpose. 


Any organization or business interested in creating a positive, empowered, and human-centered work culture.


  • Observations, focus groups, and targeted surveys to gather useful and actionable baseline data.

  • Guided vision-setting for leadership and staff.

  • Techniques to align practices and outcomes with vision.

  • Techniques for shifting mindsets to move through "stuck" points.

  • Communication and advocacy strategies.

  • Streamlined language around goals and expectations.


  • Enhanced clarity of organization-wide communication.  

  • Elevated levels of collective trust.

  • Enhanced employee autonomy and ownership of organizational goals.

  • Positive, purposeful organizational culture.

  • Increased employee retention


Vision & Renewal Workshops

Deep Practices will craft a three workshop series with optional follow-up coaching and data-tracking packages. In these workshops, you and your organization will be able to define, asses, and renew practices that align with your overall mission and vision.


Coaching Packages

Coaching packages are offered as a full follow-up to any workshop and they provide in-depth guidance and accountability for goals set in that workshop. This package is intended only for organizations that have been through a Deep Practices workshop series.


The Leadership Web

A Better Tool for System Evaluation. The Leadership Web is a new systems approach designed to identify challenges that you face in fully implementing vision and goals. This approach is backed by research-based practices and includes only the highest-impact strategies.

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Results by Design.

Are you considering launching a new or large-scale initiative? I offer a number of services, tools, resources, and long-term partnership packages that will help you create and implement step-by-step processes to preserve momentum and ensure successful scaling.


Any organization or business interested in scaling new and transformative initiatives.


  • Initial consulting session including goal-setting and stakeholder identification.

  • Step-by-step scope and sequence mapping for organizational change.

  • Data definition and tracking for all stakeholders and outcomes.

  • Professional learning needs identified for all stakeholders to successfully implement initiative.

  • Accountability for change.

  • Ongoing metrics and support to sustain the change.

  • Optional additional coaching packages to provide guidance, accountability, and professional learning.


  • Smooth Implementation of scaled initiatives.

  • Countless saved resources of money, time, energy, and bandwidth.

  • Highly reduced instances of "initiative fatigue."

  • Enhanced trust and accountability among stakeholders.

  • Sustained implementation of the initiative.

  • Enhanced collective trust.


Profile of an Educator / Employee

Drawing from high-impact practices in education, establishing a Profile of an Employee/Educator is a powerful way to use Deep Practices to articulate the ideal skills, qualities, and characteristics of the employees you hire, train, work with, and rely on. Check out this article for more information on the benefits of this service.


Large-Scale Leadership Plan

Is your organization experiencing initiative fatigue? This service streamlines and scales targeted company initiatives.

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Let the World In.

We know that access to 21st-Century learning boosts engagement, accelerates achievement, promotes equity, and gives students the life skills they need to be successful in our rapidly changing world.  

Drawing from years of work and research in transformative learning, I work with schools, networks, districts, states, and higher ed to implement, scale, measure, and build capacity for 21st-Century Learning. My scope includes:

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Capstones

  • Performance Assessments

  • Social-Emotional Learning

  • Competency-Based Evaluation


Schools, districts, state departments, and teacher education programs interested in implementing and scaling 21st-Century Learning.


  • Detailed scope and sequence for implementation tailored to your specific goals.

  • Strategic pilot and scaling plans.

  • Data identification and tracking. 

  • Workshops and trainings for leadership, teachers and teacher candidates to build capacity for 21st-century learning.

  • Long-term partnership to ensure successful implementation.


  • Increased student achievement and graduation rates.

  • Increased student and teacher engagement.

  • Higher opportunities for success for traditionally disadvantaged students

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This is not your typical retreat! These 4-day events are our flagship service and combine all of our services.