You're Probably Burned Out, and You're Not Alone: A Bonus Podcast with Howard Teibel

I was honored to be a guest on Howard Teibel’s podcast: Navigating Change.

This episode is all about burnout and what to do about it. Access it here

When my guest this week started her career as a teacher, 80% of her fellow teachers on staff were new, the result of tectonic turnover thanks to systemic burnout of out-going staff. That experience drove her to leave teaching after just a few years and pursue a career studying educator burnout. The big lesson along the way?

“The more I researched [burnout], the more I realized it wasn’t just a pattern in education, but that it was a pattern in health care, social work … I began to see that it was a nation wide thing. … Sixty-six percent, two out of three people that you see on a daily basis, are burned out.”

Dr. Newburgh joins me today to share her experience studying burnout and her efforts to help organizations create human-centered cultures that are more resilient to overwhelm and stress. These higher-functioning environments create healthier, more sustainable workplaces that benefit students, staff, and the entire community.

This is an important conversation. It’s one that many of us are not addressing — largely because there is no single answer to it. But as you’ll learn, the costs are high and the benefits can be even higher. Let’s start this discussion today.

— Howard

Kate Newburgh