Consciousness retreats are for businesses who want to promote integrity, humanity, and sustainability in all aspects of their system.

This is not your typical retreat! You definitely won’t find “ropes courses” as part of the curriculum here. Instead, our team retreats include a combination of all of our services in a setting designed to catalyze long-term change. All activities are intentional and focused to help you collaboratively define your goals and values as an organization and adjust your systems to reach those goals with consciousness and sustainability.


Organizational/business leaders and staff (up to 20 people).


  • Multi- day retreat with all processes, agendas, living arrangements, and food included.

  • 1-day observation of company prior to the retreat to gather data on culture, systems, tone, areas of strength, and areas of improvement.

  • A combination of all services (systems alignment, climate and culture, and systemic change) tailored to your specific needs and goals.

  • Short-and-long term integration strategies defined for after the retreat.

  • Follow-up check-in to answer questions and monitor progress toward goals.


  • Enhanced clarity among all staff and leadership on goals, values, and direction of organization/company.

  • Enhanced collective trust among leadership and staff.

  • System-wide channels to promote transparent communication.

  • Heightened consciousness and awareness in systems, procedures and organizational culture.

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