Leadership with Heart.

Deep Practices Consulting, L3C works with leadership to create trust, integrity, and equity in a workplace community. We work with leadership in all industries to help you achieve you goals while keeping humanity at the center.

You are a leader:

Interested in creating practices and structures that promote gender equity

Seeking to support your employees to reach their fullest potential

Committed to boosting employee retention and satisfaction

Interested in creating and sustaining a positive, trust-based work culture

Interested in elevating productivity and innovation

OR you are:

On the brink of implementing a big initiative

Looking to change the direction of your company/organization

Seeking to step down with integrity and transparency

New to your position and seeking to establish yourself with trust and effectiveness

Deep Practices Consulting, L3C is committed to working with leadership to:

Re-examine the status quo and transform ineffective workplace structures

Integrate deeply held personal and professional values with service and action in the world.

Nurture trustworthy relationships

Cultivate mindful leadership practices

Lead with clarity and purpose

Restore and sustain institutional integrity

Achieve goals sustainably with integrity, purpose, and heart

Leading with Heart: Range of Benefits

Research indicates the benefits of a positive, inspiring workplace environment: